Simplifying Financial Jargons

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Welcome to the site for Edo Capital .  we provide a variety of investment advisory services based on the intelligent combination of traditional fundamental analysis and quantititive analysis. This provides our clients a superior risk/reward on their investments


 We like to describe ourselves as a community of teams that create solutions designed to respond to specific client needs. Our most distinctive strength is our proprietary, independent research, which is shared across all areas of the organization and used only for managing our clients' portfolios.

At Edo Capital we are driven to meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations. This goal has been our firm's focus since its founding. Even as we evolve with the ever-changing financial industry, our business foundation remains solid, and our fundamental guiding principles remain sound.


  • Our mission: to exceed the investment objectives and service expectations of our clients worldwide
  • Our business: institutional investment management
  • Our ownership structure: a private, client-aligned partnership
  • Our investment platform: independent, proprietary research and portfolio management teams
  • Our culture: clients first, mutual respect and integrity above all
  • Our history: steady growth, stability, and strategic advancements